Automation Services

Automated control systems have evolved into a proven solution for maximizing energy efficiency and reducing energy costs for commercial systems. Our Building Automation/Controls department consists of HVAC controls engineers who specialize in systems that efficiently regulate temperature, humidity and air quality based on a specified operating criteria. This may include regulating systems based on a time schedule as well as temperature, pressure or volume conditions; occupancy and other variables will have an effect on the conditional controls. Web-based technologies are also available to control off-site and after-hours overrides controls.

Our Automation and Control Services Include

  • Direct Digital Control (DDC) Systems Over Twisted Pair Cabling, Ethernet, and IP technologies
  • Variable Frequency Drives for Air Handling Systems and Pumps
  • Analog Control Systems
  • Vendor-Neutral Protocol-Based Controls, Including BACnet, LonWorks, and ModBus
  • Pneumatic Control Systems and Components
  • Central Plant Control of Chillers, Boilers, Thermal Storage and Solar Systems
  • Intuitive Operator Workstations with Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)
  • Control Sequence, Pattern, and Results-Based Programming
  • Remote Access to Building Automation Systems via Web Technologies (including http, html, XML, SOAP, API, and JAVA)
Tracy Dossett, Building Automation & Control Supervisor

Tracy Dossett
Building Automation & Control Supervisor

(469) 576-0823

Tracy came to Aire Dynamics in June, 2001. He started in the industry in 1983 as a Service Technician, was AACA certified in 1994, and transitioned into Building Automation and Controls in 2004.


  • Triduim
  • Distech (GFX) Programming
  • Johnson Controls Metasys Extended Architecture
  • Jonson Controls Facility Explorer Supervisory Controller
  • Johnson Controls FX MSTP Field Controllers Engineering
  • Tracer Summit