HVAC Services

Each member of our HVAC team is a certified professional, qualified to provide turnkey service for diversified applications such as indoor comfort control and computer room cooling. We continually train our technicians so they each receive the most current information about HVAC technologies and equipment. This insures that all customers receive the most effective strategy for efficient and cost control for their operation. Coupled with a preventative maintenance agreement from Aire Dynamics, the customer receives more than just regular air filter changes, we keep your HVAC system finely tuned to minimize the risk of expensive repairs and unproductive downtime.

Our HVAC Services Include

  • Preventative Maintenance Agreements
  • Change-out, Retrofits, Upgrades and Replacement
  • Building Automation / Energy Management System (EMS)
  • Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Direct Digital Controls (DDC) and Pneumatic Controls
  • Lieberts / Computer and Server Room Conditioning
  • Refrigeration – Coolers and Freezers
  • Byproduct Removal for Kitchens and Process Environments
  • Fan Powered (FPB) and Variable Air Volume Boxes (VAV)
  • Rooftop Units (RTU) – Towers – Compressors
  • Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS)


Brian Edwards, HVAC

Brian Edwards

James Hooker, HVAC

James Hooker

John Pool, HVAC

John Pool

Jared Whitehead, HVAC

Jared Whitehead

John Nilan, HVAC

John Nilan