Our Team

The team at Aire Dynamics are experts in the field of specialized mechanical contract work. We are a family of professionals who believe that the quality of work always comes before the bottom line. We have decades of experience and understand the highly specialized needs of each client. We may not be the biggest mechanical contract provider in DFW, but we aim to be the best!


Anthony Bello, President/CEO

Anthony Bello

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Tim Selly, CFO

Tim Selly

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Bob Lichtenstein, Accounts Payable & Receivables

Bob Lichtenstein
Accounts Payable & Receivables

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John Newlin, Business Consultant

John Newlin
Business Consultant

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Service Department

Kameron Moore, HVAC Dispatcher

Kameron Moore
HVAC Dispatcher

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Tracy Dossett, Building Automation & Control Supervisor

Tracy Dossett
Building Automation & Control Supervisor

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Danny Cloud, HVAC Service Supervisor

Danny Cloud
HVAC Service Supervisor

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Calvin Knight, Plumbing Service Supervisor

Calvin Knight
Plumbing Service Supervisor

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Cody Childs, Vice President of Construction

Cody Childs
Vice President of Construction

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Tim Paden, Chief Estimator

Tim Paden
Chief Estimator

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Melissa Baber, Construction Office Manager

Melissa Baber
Construction Office Manager

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Mike Rose, Project Manager

Mike Rose
Project Manager

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Branden Sparks, Project Manager

Branden Sparks
Project Manager

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John Frye, Estimator

John Frye

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